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Deep Hole Drilling
Multi-axis Machining
CNC Milling
CNC Lathe Turning
Product Management

Deep hole drilling


Xact Spec is a leading provider of gun drilling, trepanning and spade drilling—reliable methods of drilling short and deep holes with excellent burr- and chip-free finishes. These products are used in a host of industries, from commercial, to military, to nuclear.


Xact Spec is capable of drilling holes with diameters of .055” to 16” up to 25 feet in length using high pressure oil. Close tolerance gun drilling with multiple shapes is available, including off-center holes, angled holes and connecting holes.  We drill holes that are straight within .001 per inch; and can work pieces up to 60,000 lbs.


Deep hole drilling is possible with many materials. Some that we have worked with include, but are not limited to, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, aluminum, plastics, Hastalloy, Tungsten, Molybellum, Beryllium and Inconel.


To learn more about Xact Spec’s deep-hole drilling capabilities for your industry, contact us today.

Multi-axis Machining


Multi-axis machining for industrial projects requires an experienced and reliable partner like Xact Spec to deliver the tight tolerance components essential to the industries we serve.  As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified manufacturer, we have the facility, the experience and quality control systems necessary to produce the high-quality precision machined components that meet the toughest industry requirements.


Our manufacturing facility has multiple 4-axis horizontal CNC machining centers and 5-axis CNC turning lathes.  This allows us to manufacture components in a variety of sizes and complex shapes. While our core expertise is tight-tolerance turned and milled machined parts, we also produce components using a wide variety of materials, from basic aluminum and steel to advanced alloys. With these capabilities, Xact Spec accommodates both high and low volume/high mix program business. We are ITAR and DDTC registered, allowing us to produce parts for government and defense projects.


Xact Spec offers complete program management, from prototyping to production. Our program management, together with our integrated internal controls, provides complete prototype and production components that shorten and simplify your supply chain, decreasing lead times and saving you money.


With our ERP system we can easily monitor and control the scheduling, throughput, and reporting of all our production work as it flows through our facility. We also provide engineering support, finishing processes, limited or complete assembly, kitting and more; as well as material certifications and lot traceability that are required for commercial and government work.


To learn more about Xact Spec’s multi-axis machining capabilities for your industry, contact us today.

CNC Milling


Xact Spec has more than 50 years of experience in precision-milling parts for aerospace and defense contractors. We operate a world-class facility with a variety of precision CNC machines which allows us to fill even large orders with quick turnaround. We can also produce parts in a wide variety of sizes and complexities, including keyway cutting, slotting, contour and specialty profiles. Xact Spec has the capability to manufacture parts with dimensions up to 26” x 79” with a max height of 32”.  We can hold tolerances equal to +/- 0.002”.


To ensure that we can produce high-quality parts on a consistent basis, we’re AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified.  In addition, Xact Spec is audited on an annual basis to ensure that we continue to meet these rigorous standards.


For more information about our precision milling capabilities, contact us today.

CNC Lathe Turning


With Xact Spec’s CNC lathe turning services, we quickly and reliably produce precision parts to meet manufacturers’ exact demands. We’re able to manufacture parts in a wide variety of complexities and with dimensions up to 16” x 40” in our 5-axis CNC lathe turning machines. Our production team has 50+ years of machining experience and can produce even the most complex components in alloys such as Stainless Steel, Monel, Iconel, and Titanium. Our machine shop is equipped with a variety of lathes and multi-axis machining centers to handle large orders, prototyping and rush orders. Whether you need 1,000 flanges or a single housing, count on Xact Spec to deliver the right parts, with the right specs, right on time.


To learn more about our CNC Lathe Turning services for your industry, contact us today.



Prototypes can be very expensive to fabricate due to high setup and tooling costs. Most companies charge a premium for prototype CNC machining.  In most cases, Xact Spec provides customers with prototypes for the same price as production quantities.


To ensure total satisfaction, Xact Spec offers prototype services to aid in the process of proper fit and function before finalizing your design and beginning the production phase. Our skilled machinists have experience producing accurate, high-quality prototypes and fixtures within a short timeframe. Once the prototype is approved, the technology of our precise, high-speed machining centers then makes the repeatability of the production run seamless for excellent turnaround speed and cost containment.


To learn more about our Prototyping services for your industry, contact us today.

Product Management


When you partner with Xact Spec, you get much more than just precision machining. We also offer turnkey product management that can simplify your supply chain and anticipate your future needs. Through our supply chain management, we supply finished products with anodizing, heat treatments, partial or complete assembly, and coatings, all of which reduces the number of outside suppliers you need to manage. We also utilize premium ERP/MRP software to integrate with our clients’ supply chain. This helps drastically reduce the lead times, production times and even costs of the precision milling your project needs.


Need to Reduce Expenses?
Our Stocking Program will start saving you money today! With Xact Spec’s Stocking Program, you can:

  • Reduce the time needed for the RFQ process
  • Streamline your purchasing process
  • Enjoy fixed costs for parts that you’ve enrolled in our Stocking Program and receive maximum discount pricing!
  • Reduce your inventory costs
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Relax because delivery of your parts is no longer tied to production & machining lead time


How Does it work? Simple.

  1. You issue a purchase order for the entire quantity of parts you are ordering, taking advantage of our large-quantity price break.
  2. You pay only as parts are released.
  3. You save the costs associated with carrying and managing the inventory.
  4. You have the advantage of knowing that your parts will be ready and waiting when you need to have them shipped.


Xact Spec will customize a Stocking Program to your needs. Contact us for a free quote to start saving time and money today!